Saturday, 8 February 2014

A short walk on Gozo

About 6 hours hiking, from my B&B in Xaghra to the coast by Fort Chambray by way of Xewkija, then along the coast to Mgarr ix-Xini and then Sannat. (It probably shouldn't have taken that long, but I did miss a turning around Mgarr and had to take a long detour to get back on track).

I encountered one other group the hikers the entire route along the coast (3 elderly, friendly Germans). The rest of the time, I was splendidly alone. 

Just me. And views like this:

Sometimes, people ask me why I go on walking holidays. Why I lace up my boots and go out for a hike when I could by lazing on a beach with a cocktail....

Some people are silly, aren't they?

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