Saturday, 4 December 2010

Some first thoughts on Thailand


1) Motorbikes are family cars. Dad driving, mum sitting behind him, one or two children squeezed in between dad and the handlebars, or somehow sandwiched between mum and dad.

2) You still see plenty of the clichéd 50-year-old-white-guy-with-22-year-old-Thai-woman on his arm. I suppose it could be true love, and I'm just a cynic....

3) Bananas taste amazing when wrapped in thin pastry or a crepe-like flatbread, fried, and drizzled with condensed milk. Yes, I know it's a clichéd tourist food, but seriously! They're delicious!

Today I visited the Chiang Mai zoo. They let the visitors feed a lot of the animals, so they come right up close to you in hope of lunch.

I'm always a little nervous about visiting zoos - I love seeing animals and having the chance to photograph them, but I'm slightly leery about how the animals will be treated. This one seemed ok, for the most part. The ostriches looked a little stressed, but many of the animals seemed in good condition.

Today was also my first experience of an Asian breakfast (as opposed to the fruit-yogurt-and-bread breakfasts I've been having so far): a bowl of rice, with a friend egg on top. Better than I was expecting, to be honest (although I don't think I'm going to be giving up toast any time soon).

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