Saturday, 11 December 2010

There goes the neighbourhood

50km north of Sukhothai lie the remains of the ruined cities of Si Satchanalai (13th - 15th century) and Chaliang (11th century).

Visitors can explore a series of ruined temples, old fortifications, and the excavations of several pottery kilns (this area used to be renowned for its Sawankhalok pottery).

Si Satchanalai
Who knew poinsettia's were popular in Thailand?

Unfortunately, I'm so exhausted after cycling all day yesterday around Sukhothai, and walking all day today around Si Satchanalai, I don't think my brain is functioning anymore. So they'll be a remarkable lack of pithy observations or hard facts in today's post. Sorry.

Here's another picture instead.

Temple offerings
He looks happy with the offerings....

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