Thursday, 23 December 2010

The friendliest town in Thailand?

Heading south from Bangkok, I stopped for two nights in Phetchaburi (sometimes shortened to Phetburi).

The riverside

The town isn't a mainstay of the banana-pancake trail, so any farangs that stop here are made to feel incredibly welcome.

People on the street wave at you and smile. The Sorng-taa-ou drivers are happy to give you walking directions, rather than hassling you.

Over and over again locals stopped to offer advice and support, whether I was having trouble crossing a busy road, finding the bus station, or fending off the attentions of wild dogs or monkeys.

You feel like you're being looked out for. It's nice, y'know?

Khao Luang caves
The main chamber at the Khao Luang Caves

The view from outside the Khao Bandai-It cave sanctuary

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