Sunday, 9 August 2015

A short trip to Bobcaygeon

My secret's out now - despite all my claims to big-city sophistication and West-end posturing, I was raised in a succession of small Canadian towns.

(Oh, the shame!)

This summer, I took a short vacation to go visit my family in Bobcaygeon (pop 3500). Smack-dab in Southern Ontario's "cottage country," Bobcaygeon is known for it's large retirement community, as well as for a small but thriving summer tourism season.

Bobcaygeon scenery
Peaceful and pretty surrounds, and only 60 seconds away from a local swimming spot

What do you do in Bobcaygeon?

You can swim or boat on the lake or in the river (the town is built on a small island in the middle of the Bobcaygeon River, right where the river meets Pigeon Lake, so you're never more than a few hundred yards from water).

You can sit and contemplate the scenery.
waterpoint park in bobcaygeon
The aged Ps enjoying the view from Waterpoint Park

You can enjoy the local wildlife.
My nephew, Bence, otherwise known as the cheeky monkey

There are lots of birds, including herons, kestrels, and garden birds like goldfinches, cardinals and hummingbirds. Black bears are occasionally seen wandering on the edges of town, especially in winter when they can walk across the frozen lake from the nearby undeveloped and uninhabited islands.

There are camping spots nearby, and a few shops catering to tourists, and a few decent restaurants, plus a farmer's market on Saturday and a couple of grocery stores, so self-caterers can stock up on BBQ supplies. If you feel like a change, you could spend a nice half day driving to one of the nearby towns (like Fenelon Falls) to have a wander there.

But mostly, you don't so much DO things in Bobcaygeon as you just ARE.

You slow down. You watch the world go by. You breathe.

You remember what it's like to not live in a frenetic, hectic and noisy city.

That's Bobcaygeon.

view of Bobcaygeon River from Riverfront Park

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