Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Burmese transport styles

Like much of Asia, the motorbike is king here: your office worker's commute, your school run mum, your family car, your heavy goods vehicle, and your delivery van. 

Poverty, meet ingenuity....

Delivery van or mobile shop? Either way, it's a motorbike in front....

Yep, that's a safe way to transport goods....
Road safety is barely a thing here. Some drivers do wear helmets, although it's rare to see a helmet with the chin strap done up (cause if you do fall off, that helmet will stay right in place by willpower alone). Expect potholes, missing paving slabs, and no streetlights. And don't get me started on the habit of riding on top of buses or trucks.

I don't know what the accident rate is here, but it can't be good. But the locals just seem to get on with their lives while us tourists fret. Que sera sera.

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