Monday, 6 May 2013

Vegan avocado chocolate cake

Three words/phrases I never thought I'd put together.... but it works.

The recipe comes from Joy the Baker with a few adaptions (I halved the sugar in the cake, as I knew the frosting would be very sweet, and I also used only half the suggested amount of frosting).

It was surprisingly good (surprising because I've had so many dry, tedious vegan cakes). The frosting tastes slightly of avocado (although mostly of sugar) and the cake doesn't taste of avocado at all (but has a nice, light and reasonably moist crumb). It could have been more chocolaty (next time I make this, I'll try either adding more cocoa, or reducing the vegetable oil and adding melted dark chocolate instead) and the icing needs a wee bit more lemon juice (as by day two, the colour was going a bit khaki).

I know this post has nothing to do with travel, but what can I say? I like cake.

Yes, this really is a vegan chocolate cake made with avocado
I am a kitchen god. Worship at my cakey genius.

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