Tuesday, 5 June 2012

You blew it up! Damn you all to hell....

Lake Powell is Utah's number one tourist destination, and is still quite controversial.

It used to be the Glen Canyon. Then in the 1963, the Glen Canyon Dam came along and the canyon was flooded to create Lake Powell. Bye-bye ecosystem, hello boaters.

It's pretty, in a so-unnatural-it's-vaguely-eerie kind of way.

Lake Powell

This lake is massive, folks. When at its fullest, the water is 550' deep at the dam. It covers almost 200 miles of the Colorado River, as well as countless other side canyons.

A cactus flower outside the dam

The splash-down scene in the original Planet of the Apes was filmed here; it's easy to see why.

other-worldly scenery
Mmm... other-wordly....

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