Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ribs 'n' all that

I haven't written much yet about the food in the SW. There is a reason for that.

This part of the US doesn't have a reputation for terrific food (it seems to be quantity over quality a lot of the time), further complicated by the fact that we were mostly staying in National Parks, so you're a captive audience. That said, there were a few memorable meals.

The best was definitely the Bright Angel Lodge at Grand Canyon Village (No pictures available, as I was too busy eating to reach for the camera). Service is incredibly slow, but the food is lovely. Spicy, thick home-made corn chowder, slabs of meaty ribs smothered in sweet cactus syrup, and cinnamon-laced apple grunt for desert (which unfortunately I was too full to eat). And when you're through stuffing your cheeks like a chipmunk preparing for winter, you can step outside the door and be right on the rim, watching the condors soar over the canyon.

Of course, there were plenty of crappy meals as well. The worst were pancakes at the Yavapai cafeteria in Grand Canyon park; they brought back all the suppressed memories of my University dormitory meals. You add half a pint of syrup, and yet magically the pancakes are still so dry you can barely swallow them.

I'm amazed that no one's realised yet their potential for mopping up oil spills at sea....

Think I can corner the market?

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