Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Monumental Valley

Monument Valley - the scenery that launched a thousand Westerns.

It's not really a valley (there's no riverbed here) but it is beautiful, if quite packed with tourists.

Monument Valley
Monuments? Check! Rustic fencing? Check! Pretend ye-olde-wagon? Check!

We took a jeep tour through the valley (you can self-drive through some of it, but the roads are fairly rough, so you'd want a decent car). There were several photo opportunities / viewpoints where you can stop the car - complete with locals from the reservation selling Navajo crafts (mostly bead pendants, bookmarks and keyfobs).

tourists at Monument Valley
Yes, that's my father with his tongue out. Sometimes, I'm so proud I could just cry!

At John Ford's point, there's frequently a Navajo man on horseback posing for photographs.

Navajo man on horseback
As seen on a thousand postcards

The Navajo tacos at nearby Goulding's Lodge are pretty yummy too (picture a fried flatbread the size of your head, covered in beans, salsa, lettuce, and cheese. I like to pretend the beans mean it's health food).

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