Sunday, 16 January 2011

KL you say?

I'm in Kuala Lumpur, home of oil money and screaming traffic (seriously – I had to get a policeman's help to cross the road this morning).

Mostly it's gleaming glass skyscrapers, businessmen rushing about in suits, teenagers with trendy haircuts and iphones clamped to their ears. Ignore the food, and you'd barely know you were in Asia.

I'm finding KL a bit annoying, to be honest. So far I've had a broken toilet in my hotel room (which took 2 requests to get fixed), lots of touts and scammers ("My sister is going to university in your country! Why don't you come to my house to meet her?") and quite a lot of sneaky 2-tier pricing (the annoying "white tax"). On top of that, my phone has broken, and the repair shop is trying to charge me more than the cost of a new phone to fix it.

The horrible truth about long-term travel is that it's not always fun.

There are times when the frustrations and stresses of being on the road get to you. When you start asking yourself "Why am I doing this?"

It happens.

Then it passes, and you go back to enjoying your trip.
Kuala Lumpur opera house

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