Thursday, 2 December 2010

Delicious brains

 Well, I'm hot, and I'm tired.

I left London at 4:30 yesterday afternoon, after a busy couple of days spent packing up my entire flat, putting everything into storage, and completely cleaning the flat so it's ready for the next occupants.

One long flight later, a short connecting flight, a series of annoyances and frustrations, and the inability to sleep on the plane, I finally arrived in Chiang Mai at 8:30 tonight. I'm so tired I think I've gone beyond sleep, into that stage of a numb zombification. If you offered me some delicious brains right now, I'd probably take them.

It's supposed to be cooler here than in the South of Thailand, but it still feels pretty warm to me (I'm English, and therefore un-acclimatised to anything over twenty-two degrees). The fan in my room seems to be mainly blowing the hot air around.

So now I'm hot, and so very tired, and yet I'm still humming ("For the longest time," in case you were wondering).

Hello Thailand. I can't wait to meet you.

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