Saturday, 2 April 2011

Travel costs for Hong Kong

Here's a run-down of average travel costs for Hong Kong, the final (and most expensive) destination on my trip. You can see my travel style in this post on travel costs in Thailand, so you can calculate how your likely spending would match up to mine.

8 to 14 March (6 nights, 7 days) = £483 total
Average costs per night = £80.50

Here's the rub – Hong Kong has a huge selection of budget accommodation, most with a reputation for being really grotty. I wasn't prepared to stay in some squalid Chungking Mansions hole, so I spent some time researching better options.

Unfortunately I did this only a couple of days before I arrived, and discovered most of the less-dodgy budget accommodation was already fully booked, and what accommodation remained was rather expensive (even the YWCA was asking for 1400 HK$ a night).

I managed to secure a budget room for the first 2 nights, then moved to a mid-range hotel, which was offering a good mid-week deal.

Budget place = 605 HK$ a night (£50)
Mid-range place = 905 HK$ (£77)

Take my advice – this is one place where it pays to book ahead.

Transport and sightseeing
£4.26 average per day

It's easy to get around using local ferries, trams and the MTR, and excellent value for money.

Food and drink
£6.46 average per day, eating at small restaurants and hawker stalls.

Most expensive meal – £4.70 at a cheap Italian restaurant.
Cheapest meal – £0.50 for a stuffed bun.

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