Saturday, 26 March 2011

Travel costs for Malaysia

Last time, I calculated the costs of a month in Thailand. Today, I'll do the same for peninsular Malaysia.

So how much does it realistically cost to travel in Malaysia for a month? Here's a summary of my spending (you can see my travel style in the previous post on costs in Thailand, so you can calculate how your likely spending would match up to mine).

29 December to 30 January
Total spent in 32 days = £700
Average costs per day = £21.90

Average £12.08 per night

Langkawi – a resort island, so more expensive – 90RM (£18)
Penang – 65RM (£13)
Taiping – 60RM (£12)
Cameron Highland – 35RM (£7)
KL – 68RM (£13.60)
Melaka – 33RM (£6.60) for shared bathroom
Cherating – 40RM (£8)
Kuantan – 98RM (£20) for mid-range

Sightseeing and transport
Average £4.64 per day

Food and drink
Average £5 per day – a mix of meals at hawker centres and cheap restaurants, but no alcohol.

You can easily eat very well in Malaysia for very little money:

Most expensive meal – £8 for a pizza in an Italian restaurant on Langkawi.
Cheapest meal – £0.44 for a bowl of iced cendol (shaved ice covered in pandanus flavoured noodles, sweetened coconut milk, corn kernels, kidney beans, and ground rice).
Cost of a plate of food at a hawker centre – £0.60 to £1.40
Cost of a 500ml bottle of water – £0.20

I also spent about £6 in the month on laundry and toiletries.

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