Sunday, 13 March 2011

The birds of Hong Kong Park

Space is at a premium in Hong Kong.

There's no room to build out, sandwiched between the hillside and the sea of Hong Kong Island, so everyone builds up. People live in high-rise apartment buildings, and work in high-rise offices. Even the public transport is tall and skinny (the narrow double decker trams that dash from one end of the island to the other).

With so little space available, every inch space to breathe is precious.

That's why I love Hong Kong Park, and especially the walk-in Edward Youde Aviary. Visitors meander along wooden walkways set 10m above the ground, with a bird's eye view over the forest... and the 90 species of bird that live in the aviary.

It's truly wonderful.

Red lory

Silver-eared mesia

Cute as a button Java sparrow

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