Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Hanoi minus the imagery

I've taken almost no photographs in Hanoi.

I suspect a lot of the reason has to do with fatigue. By this point, I've been travelling for 3 months, and I'm tired. I feel ready to go home.

Overall, I liked Hanoi more than Saigon. Hanoi has the narrow lanes of the Old Quarter, the lush parkland around the lakes, the plethora of temples and museums that Saigon lacks. It feels slightly less frantic, and more liveable. And the food! I discovered bun cha in Hanoi (very much A Good Thing), at a little street kitchen near the Temple of Literature.

So here are a few images; sorry there's so little to show you.

Temple of Literature

Traditional (?) temple offering - cigarettes, green tea and oreos

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