Wednesday, 16 February 2011

City of Lurve

Dalat is the honeymoon capital of Vietnam.


Imagine the Niagara Falls of the 1970s, all bearskin rugs and heart-shaped tubs, and make a Vietnam version of that, and you've got Dalat.

Swan-shapped pedalos (Xuan Huong Lake)
Now, I'm not a mushy romantic at heart; never buy me a heart-shapped box of chocolates (although all non-heart-shapped chocolates will be gratefully received). But after a couple of days in Dalat, even the most ardent hopeless romantic would be getting sick of it all.

They have topiaries in the shape of poodles, and garbage cans in the shape of rabbits, for Pete's sake.

Cutsey statue backgrounds for your loved-up photosgraphs (Valley of Love)
Excuse me while I hurl.

The flowers are nice, though.

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